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Lift Me Up Mood Oil


This oil blend has a vibrant boost that will put a twist on your mornings or anytime you’re feeling a lull in energy. Use this blend as a mind and body energy booster. With its fresh, citrusy aroma, this mood oil encourages concentration and productivity, so be prepared to feel energised and focused for whatever you have to tackle in your day.

Bergamot — an uplifting, refreshing and stimulating scent, known to help reduce anxiety and stress.

Lemon — gives a natural energy boost and promotes focus and concentration.

Rosemary a regulator that helps balance the body and mind. Stimulates memory, enhances concentration and helps relieve general fatigue.

Geranium  alleviates stress, depression and anxiety. 

Lavender has a balancing and normalising effect that creates harmony for the body and mind. It is uplifting and soothing whilst alleviating stress and anxiety. 

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